Meeting dreams of African children!

Become an art collector by supporting dreams of African children. They dream of having a home, a real one, not the one on the street, they dream of going to school instead of physically working for a meal for the family. They just dream...

Porta Foundation helps "Recover Dreams" for children in Southeast Nigeria, you can support these noble activities by investing in art. The paintings are a part of the ART MEETS PEOPLE ZANZIBAR collection. They are full of energy and light, embodying the unique vibe of Stone Town, successfully presented in Desa Unicum, Warsaw, Feb 2023.

The project "Recover Dreams" is implemented in Enugu, Nigeria by Porta Foundation and gives children a chance to return to school education from the streets. School gives them the first social support and a sense of security.

Almost 18 million children in Nigeria stay out of school. 1.5 million children live on the streets. Providing education reduces a marginalization effect of children. It is a good investment, not only in art, but in our common better world, isn't it ?

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